Sometimes, we need some professional advice when dealing with a bad boss. It could very well happen that the problem may be just a case of clashing personalities. If you have a bad boss, you need to consider all aspects of the problem: Is it you? Is it the boss? Or is it just that the combination of your personalities is an explosive situation?

The first thing to do is to identify patterns. Are you suffering more problems with your boss than your peers? If that’s the case, maybe the boss is just a misfit for your work style. But if you’ve often suffered from this problem, it could point to authority issues in yourself. But, if everyone thinks like you and says the manager is a difficult boss, you know that you are not the only one facing this challenge.

Here are the three types of difficult bosses and how to maintain a professional relationship with each.

The Micromanager

This person is highly anxious (even if they put up a calm front). They fear letting go of the leash that they want everyone in the office to be on and will nitpick on the tiniest details of your work. Usually, micromanagers are new to the job and will want to know everything just to make sure all is well.

Strategies to deal: The micromanager boss is a difficult boss who needs to feel sure that you will be able to make the right decisions and actions. Never withhold information from this boss as they will get suspicious and even more controlling. Discuss everything with this boss to outline what you can do independently and what they need to be involved in.

The Procrastinator

This is a bad boss who is not very organized and knows it. They will be very afraid of taking the wrong decision so obviously they will consult every available person and analyze voluminous data.

Strategies to deal: Understand that while the procrastinators are difficult bosses they know their problem and will be open to ideas about how to get things done fast. If you know your boss loves input, consult the same sources that they would and include it in your report to make them feel at ease.

The Dictator

The dictator boss is one who believes that he knows best and wants everything his way in the office environment.

Strategies to deal: Though the dictator boss has a totalitarian, authoritative style, they can be open to input. Acknowledge the worth of his ideas and approaches and always present your own in a non-confrontational manner. Include their opinion in everything so as not to put them on the defensive.

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