It is often difficult for people to imagine being in a relationship with someone who has dissimilar interests. This is further reinforced by manuals on relationship advice and friends who will tell you that you must share your partner’s hobbies and beliefs in order to have a happy relationship.

But believe it or not, this is not true because the glue that binds people together is compatibility. It is indeed possible to have a great relationship with someone purely based on chemistry and complementarity.

In fact, you should avoid falling into the relationship trap where you are constantly unhappy because you are compromising your interests. Here’s why you should not obsess about having things in common with your partner.

  1. There won’t be much to talk about.
  2. It’s very true that your common interests are probably what brought you together. But imagine what dull conversations you will have when you already have the same news and opinions as your partner. In fact, if both of you share the same negative traits and views each would prefer to keep things to themselves and your relationship will lose its spark in no time.

  3. Getting out of your comfort zone will be a challenge.
  4. If you and your partner share the same interests, you will stick to your routine and develop a comfort zone. This will make for a relationship that lacks zest and spice, which will mean you will have to live with boredom.

  5. You will be feel like you are dating your mirror image.
  6. Dating an exact replica of yourself can be quite tedious, not to mention creepy. Unless you are very content repeating the same things over and over, you will never have space for personal growth.

  7. There will be absolutely no challenge.

Being with someone who is completely different from you can keep things exciting. This person will constantly challenge you in getting you to realign your views and starting stimulating discussions. If you think this will result in a fight, learn to resolve your differences with a mature attitude and accept these differences.

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