Sometimes, we may think that our relationships are doing great whereas, in reality, everything is going south. Dating and relationships may seem natural and right but keeping them running is a different side of the story.

There are certain things we do totally unaware in our comfort zone that makes things go in turmoil. The most painful part is that it all happens without our knowledge and by the time you realize what just happened you could be healing a broken relationship.
Below is a look at five ways you could be destroying your relationship.

By allowing insecurities creep in

Insecurities are these little inner fear that nags us from the inside. It could be this “Who is she?” question that disturbs our minds especially when your spouse is not on site physically or mentally. Insecurities may result to one of the spouse looking for options thereby creating relationship problems.

You are letting other persons determine the decisions you make

There are times you have to consider what other people feel on what you choose. It may be useful to some extent. Unfortunately, when not watched, it could be getting way of your relationship. If you are constantly thinking about other person’s opinions, chances could be that you are allowing 3rd party acquaintances to control too much of the relationship.

By ignoring simple indicators

Some signs of boredom and lack of interest could be signalling future relationship problems. Communication is important in a relationship. One should not ignore such signs and deal with issues appropriately.

You are constantly looking for your weaknesses. Poor life perspectives can lead to low self-esteem. Compromised self-confidence leads to one or both of the couple acquaintances not believing in themselves leading to a shaky relationship.

Another distractor could be the ex-thing

Our exes are these old relationships that didn’t work out for some reason. Exes are a proven source of insecurities on your spouse. They also can try to get back to work things out bringing disability to existing relationships. Unfortunately, persons you have had a close relationship before are a crack of weakness.

In some instances, your ex can get way of your current and future relationships with ease. Letting such factors get way could be creating future relationship problems.

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