Abusive relationships are not only scary but downright dangerous. However, there are people in abusive relationships who have no idea that they are in one. So what are the signs of an abusive relationship? Here are a few.

1. A disappointment

If one is in a relationship in which their partner is always picking out their flaws and treating them like a disappointment, this is a clear sign of abuse. The other party ends up doing everything they can to win approval and appreciation.

2. An embarrassment

A relationship in which one is embarrassed and insulted by their partner even in public is an abusive one. This is meant to intimidate the other party into submission.

3. Verbal abuse

If a partner is hurling insults and using foul or abusive language against a loved one, then it is time to give the relationship serious thought.

4. The first hit

This is the sign that most people ignore and think it will go away. When a partner acts out physically in a fit of anger, then it is a clear sign that the relationship is headed in the wrong direction.

5. Making peace after fighting

Whenever there is abuse, whether physically or verbally, the aggressor will always seek to make up after a fight. Others retreat and give the silent treatment, making the victim feel like it was their fault. This is a trend that is bound to continue and it is time to leave.

6. Forced endings

This involves the use of force or violence in ending an argument.

7. The slap

This is something done by abusive partners whenever the other person makes a mistake. The level of violence may depend on with the mistake of the other party. This is clearly domestic violence and should not be tolerated.

8. Control and domination

At the beginning, it might seem like a partner is just getting involved in the other’s life. However, with time, the other party finds out that the other person is completely controlling their lives. This is a recipe for relationship problems.

9. Picking faults

This is a situation in which one partner gets angry when their faults or mistakes are pointed out. These individuals rarely apologize. This is an indication of an abusive relationship.

10. The supporters

These are the abusive partners that convince the other that they cannot live without the abusive partner. With time, the other partners losing their individuality and doubting their abilities.

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