It is very challenging for an employee in the present technologically advanced work environment to achieve proper work-life balance. Technology makes employees to be accessible for work every day of the week.

A survey conducted by the Harvard Business School explains that 94% of professionals who are active in the work environment work for at least 50 hours weekly. The article discusses seven methods of achieving proper work-life balance.

Ignoring perfectionism and unplugging

Professionals who are overachievers had perfectionist behavior during their childhood. However, the complexities of life increase as a person ages. This is because of increasing responsibilities at the workplace and also within the family. To reduce stress levels due to increasing commitments, professionals are expected to aim towards achieving excellence.

Unplugging from telecommunication devices like smartphones and computers enable professionals to have free time. Free time ensures balanced work life because it improves communication and relationship between family members.

Exercise, meditation, and minimizing time wastage

Professionals should always create time for exercise. The exercise can be both physical and mental. Employees usually have high stress levels because of increasing work demands. Exercise is an effective method of reducing stress levels because it influences the generation of feel-good hormones. Workers should also engage in regular meditative activities.

Meditation is an effective approach of ensuring physical relaxation. It also improves the mental health of the worker. Deep breathing is one simple example of a meditate exercise that people can engage in during their free time.

Time wastage is easily reduced through concentrating on high priority tasks. An employee can use the Internet for work research and communication, instead of chatting using the social networks.

Changing life structure and starting small

Happiness improves when an individual changes his or her life structure. A professional can improve life structure through creating time for active participation is social events with family members and friends.

Happy work life is also achieved by introducing small life changes. Employees; for example, can starting relating more with their children by attending weekend sporting events.

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