While we have all heard the saying ‘Work harder, not smarter,’ we also know that smart work is hard work too. Here are some strategies for success for those starting out on their journey towards a bright career.

  1. Look for someone who lives the life you want

A young professional might wish to consult a person who is after their own heart – the only difference being that this person will already achieved all that you, as a young person, want to achieve. Try to get to meet this person and treat them as your mentor. They will share their life path so you have your own map to success and growth. Even though they will try to list their achievements and how they got there merely as a result of their ego, the mentorship will still be of great help to you.

Another possibility is if a person is famous or a historical figure, read their autobiography or memoirs to understand their life better.

  1. Cultivate niche skills that are rare to find

Everyone on the market is going to hone their skills to get ready for the job market. This is practical intelligence because you want to be at the top of the skills market to command the best jobs. So this is where you need to set yourself apart and get on the low traffic road to success. Develop a special skill that is niche but desirable so that you have an edge over the competition when you demonstrate it at interviews.

  1. Attune your daily life with the life you want to lead in the future.

If you see yourself winning gold in the future, ask yourself: “Am I training hard enough for it right now?” If you have answered in the negative, then you know you need to pull up your socks. Ensure that you motivate yourself to do something today that will make you the leader if you continue on your path. For example, if you know that to build a business, you need to develop habits like waking up early, reading business books, and dedicating time every day to work on activities that contribute to your long-term goals.

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