Divorce can definitely give you some important life lessons about marriage. Every parent would want their child to understand the true value of their wedding vows, they also understand the practical need for some relationship advice.

Here are some things that parents had to say to a child of divorce.

  1. Never rush into marriage.
  2. You need to devote ample time and consideration in choosing a life partner who is the perfect fit for you. Remember that hasty to act, hasty to repent. If you feel you need to be married, think about whether it’s for the right reasons – do you want to rush into marriage because have reached a certain age, or that all your friends are now married? The decision of marriage should be deeply internal and not brought on by these external factors or it’ll just result in a broken marriage.

  3. Marry the person you see yourself spending a lifetime with.
  4. If you’ve had a really tough day at work and your sweetie opens the door for you, if the sight of their face isn’t enough to lift you out of your miserable mood you’re not with the right person. Their mere presence should make you feel secure, happy and positive.

  5. Have realistic expectations.

Don’t settle for less but also keep your expectations from your partner realistic. While every marriage has its share of ups and downs, make it a point to stay in the present moment. Hope for and work towards a strong friendship, show your appreciation of their positives and try to dull the negatives. Always laugh together, do more activities together and most importantly, share life’s experiences with each other. Shared joys multiply and are an instant fix for a fulfilling relationship. Remember that a race to the altar can only end in loss.

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