Your divorce can be hard on your children. Divorce and kids can be a dreadful combination with the idea of their parents splitting up making kids more stressed out, depressed and confused. As a parent, it is extremely tough to be able to balance divorce and children but you have to help your kids cope by offering support and maintaining a positive attitude.

Supporting your children through a divorce

While the divorce may be a difficult time for you, it is especially hard on a child of divorce. You may have feelings of uncertainty yourself as it may be uncharted territory. But it is not very difficult to help yourself and your children emerge from a broken marriage feeling secure, stable and confident.

Some of the ways you can help your children cope during a divorce or separation include being patient and giving your children a listening ear to help them adjust to new circumstances. Build a routine for your kids to give them a feeling of reassurance and structure. If you and your ex can maintain a working relationship, by seeing both parents involved your children will have a better time and not feel so stressed out. While a time of such critical transition cannot be completely smooth, you can do much for your children by keeping their well-being as your most important goal.

What to tell your kids

Many parents will freeze up when they have to face their children with the prospect of divorce. Make the conversation easier for both parties by preparing the rough framework for what you are going to say. Make a note of any questions that you think they will ask, deal with your own issues beforehand, and plan in detail about the flow of conversation. This will better equip you in preparing your children to handle the news.

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