Toxic men are people who negatively affect a relationship. They are the cause of many relationship problems. However, toxic men at certain times act in a loving and accommodating manner towards their partners. The continuous changes from bad to good actions are the reason why toxic men show unstable behavior.

The unstable behavior is the reason why women in an abusive relationship cannot properly determine if their husband or boyfriend is good or bad. The article discusses five male behaviors that undermine women. These behaviors are: controlling communication, showing inconsistent good behavior, engaging in intense behavior, becoming friendly with other people, and engaging in gaslight conduct.

Communication control and inconsistent behavior

Men with undermining behavior towards their partners control the communication process. They shout or communicate loudly to their partners, even if they are in a private place. In some cases, they exhibit silent treatment if they become annoyed. These men can isolate a word or phrase in a conversation, and then give it an inappropriate meaning. Toxic men show good behavior that is inconsistent. At certain times, he can be very loving, generous, and respectful. However, his behavior can change for the worse within a very short period.

Gaslight behavior

Gaslight conduct is an example of manipulative behavior. The man changes the meaning or idea of the conversation that he has with his partner. He creates misunderstandings in the relationship, by altering the meaning of messages.

Intense activities and friendliness to other people

A man with a manipulative behavior may show intense action when engaging in ordinary activities such as work, romance, eating, or exercise. He can even focus strongly on one activity; for example, maintaining long eye contact during communication. A man with an undermining behavior communicates and relates to other people in a friendly manner. However, he relates with his girlfriend or wife in a hostile manner when they are alone.

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